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Our donors are really awesome - they have enabled MayapurTV to develop good enough quality to broadcast this Gaurapurnima festival in Hi Def, and then on a daily basis on Bengal Cable TV - this is wonderful preaching for Srila Prabhupada. The HiDef upgrade for the Festival has cost us an additional £14,000 - and because of our donors steady financial support we will be able to pay it back.
Although the website seems stagnant, we have a team of great programmers, all volunteers, determined to put the website on the cutting edge of design and functionality so we can interact as a world-wide community of devotees with our international centers.

Remember, MayapurTV is at heart an ISKCON devotee community project to help temples have contact with congregations via the internet, and those of us living away from temples can get encouragement to practice Krishna Consciousness in our homes. If you are not already donating - whatever you feel comfortable with - do please consider doing so as our donors are making a big difference in the lives of many.

Monthly Subscribers: FULL REPORT - CLICK HERE Donations for MARCH 2014
HH Jayapataka Swami: Eur 77
Mahamantra das (UK): £10
Naresh Velupula $21
Jahnava Sundari Liberman: $11
I Dewa Sumitra: $21
Diane Dainton (UK): £10
Swamy Prasad Nayani (UK): GBP 10
René Waisvisz: EUR 10
Devipsita Bhattacharya $30
Sandip Bhatt $30
Prashant Deshmukh (Mumbai): $30
Hansa Hladini Lavji-Patel (UK): £10
Maria Hattasova (Slovakia): EUR 10
Sladjana Lindqvist (Scandanavia) EUR 10
Jayadharma das (Toronto): $15
Pavle Radovcic (Croatia): $15
Neeraj Kachhwaha (UK): £10
Ankur Sethi: $15
Mika Tuominen (Finland): EUR 20
Janis Puhalskis (Latvia): EUR 20
Rajaruban Punitharajasingam (UK): GBP 10
Barbara Sutton: $15
Jason Lenton (UK): GBP 10
Maria Hattasova (Slovakia): EUR 10
Ilze Makena (Latvia): EUR 10
Pramod Dakka (US): $30
Oriol Borras Ferre (Spain): EUR 10
John Vandelicht (US): $15
Clive Holland (UK): £10
R. Chawla (UK): £10
N. Parekh (UK): £10
Pushkaraj & Hara (UK): £20
Mr. Pancholi (UK): £10
V.Mistry (UK): £10
Radha Mohan prabhu (UK): £10
MC & MR Rao (UK): £10
Julia Burroughs (UK): £40
Hetal Patel (UK): £11
N. Sadhoo/Nalini dd (UK): £10
Marion Bell (UK): £10
Mayapur Madhava das (UK): £5
Ross Burroughs (UK): £30
Giridhari Priya das (US): $100
HH Jayapataka Swami (In): Rs 1,000
Doyal Govinda (Germany): EUR 5.01
Gururaj Kulkarni (Quatar): $30
C Olds (Australia): $100
Jevgenijus Palcevskis (US): $5
gocha tserodze (Georgia): $16
Michael Pickup (USA): $50
Margot Cordua (Belgium): EUR 25
Krzys Slavinskas (Lithuania) EUR 10
Sukania Venugopal - Please accept this humble offering of love. Radhey Radhey! (Malaysia): $15
Yevgen Gertsev (Portugal): EUR 10
Michaela Madhurya Lila (Germany): EUR 30
Ananga Manjari dd (Australia): $5
Richard Van Dijck (Netherlands): EUR 7
Astrid Walter (Germany): EUR 5
Natalja Isachenka (UK): £10
Yamuna Hannen (US): $10
Kamlesh Waja (Mumbai) $21
Niral Shah (US): $51
Michael Pickup (USA): $50
Ananda Vrindavan: EUR5
Satyanarayana Kura: (US): $50
Nandani Hardial (US): $20
Kamal Gathani (UK): £10
Alexander Yongin (Ukraine): $1.00
Raj Parmar (UK): £51