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MayapurTV Activities

MayapurTV maintains servers which cover:

  • streaming video and audio
  • storing and play-back of recordings

MayapurTV provides services to ISKCON Preachers and Temples:

  • Live streaming and recording storage
  • Unbranded players for Temple websites
  • Admin software for Temple channes (local time, class text etc)
  • Forwarding to Temple Facebook pages
  • Community help and tech support via a Facebook forum.

MayapurTV operates the live broadcast from Sri Dham Mayapur:

  • Providing all equipment
  • Maintaining six full-time staff members (three camera, one mixing, one audio and one floating)
  • Covering all live broadcast expenses

MayapurTV creates software programs

  • All our software needs are met by a hard-working team of skilled volunteers, both on the server and client side.

MayapurTV serves the devotee community

  • Devotees away from association can participate online in classes and festivals.
  • They can get inspiration in the early morning to join in their local temple morning program.
  • They can chat to other devotees and make friendships online.
Serve the Holy Dham

Why serve Sri Dham Mayapur?

Sri Dham Mayapur is prophecied to be the place from where the world will become enlightened. It is the most important holy place in the world, and it was built by the hand of Srimati Radharani Herself. By increasing awareness of this sacred place, either by volunteer work or financial contribution, devotees are helping suffering humanity get out of ignorance.

The broadcast from Sri Dham Mayapur, as well as going on the internet, also reaches over 3 million people via the local CableTv network, and is also on the Airtel satellite broadcast.

If we continue to work together, volunteers and donors, we can deveop the broadcast fron Sri Dham Mayapur and with such co-operation, definitely reach many millions more.

This way we can help Lord Chaitanya, and the saintly devotees in His line like Srila Prabhupada, in their mission to save a suffering humanity in their darkest hour.

International Donors please click here:
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Donors within India please click here:
Where the money goes

How the money is spent

In the West, all personnel are voluntary, the programmers, accounts, technical help, donor care, e-mailing, dbase management, fund-raising etc.

The Mayapur broadcast has six full-time staff, costing about Rs 60,000 per month.

Servers cost about Rs 30,000 per month

Expenses also include equipment maintenance and purchase costs for the Sri Mayapur broadcast.

This valuable service is entirely funded by MayapurTV viewers.